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  1. My Testimony: Fourteen Years Ago Today, The Night That Changed My Life

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    September 27, 2012 by Mathew

    Fall is definitely in the air where I live.  There aren’t any overt visual signs yet, as this photo of …
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  2. My Testimony: Setting The Stage

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    September 21, 2012 by Mathew

    I always thought that the first time I shared my testimony in written form, it would be in the book …
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  3. Something Nice

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    September 17, 2012 by Mathew

    I used to buy something nice for myself once a year.  I never felt guilty about it because I always …
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  4. Walking The Christian Tightrope


    September 16, 2012 by Mathew

    Though I’ve pondered it endlessly, I’ve never authored or published a blog before.  This is a new experience for me …
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I'm a single Christian in my early forties. I've spent most of my adult life taking care of and raising my nephew and caring for the elderly and ailing in my family. The most remarkable thing about me is my relationship with God and the testimony that goes along with that relationship.

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