Beauty Beyond Imagining

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May 2, 2016 by Mathew

A couple of weeks ago I read about a girl’s self worth and esteem issues on another blog. The blog’s author, an admirable young woman, answered with an exceptional response. I attempted to add my own thoughts in the comments a couple of times but, for whatever reason, it didn’t seem to go through. I feel that what I have to share regarding this topic could potentially open up the hearts and minds of others who might be struggling with similar issues and allow them to see and perceive themselves in a different light so, I am sharing my thoughts here, on my own blog, since I was unable to elsewhere.

Every single woman, every single girl – every member of the female gender is beautiful beyond words or description. When God made each and every one of you He reached His spirit inside of your own and kissed you at the center of your being, leaving a passionate trace of Himself within you. He emblazoned your heart with his own endless love, beauty, and glory. Every single woman in this world walks around with ultimate beauty bound within her bosom, lovingly and powerfully placed there by the one who made us all.

Don’t let the blind of heart and shallow of spirit in this world lie to you and cheat you out of having your beauty seen and known. Don’t let the dark places of your own mind rob you of it either. Find the place that God’s lips caressed within you; nurture it, breathe upon it, fan it’s flames. Let it burn like a supernova. Let it burst forth and shine like the Sun. Every female has blinding beauty. Find yours within yourself and let it blind everyone around you. It doesn’t matter how underweight, overweight, visually modest, or socially unimpressive you are; the feminine and womanly beauty that God formed into you can outshine and transform all of that – it’s far greater than any of these things.

No matter how old and wrinkled, young and awkward, blessed or unblessed you feel – you have a powerful god-given beauty that can conquer and fill your whole world and everyone who enters it.

Our culture tends to not value real beauty or true splendor. The part of us that can’t be seen with the eyes but can only be perceived by the heart, mind, and spirit – that’s where a person’s true value and worth lie and, indeed, where the seed of a female’s true beauty has been wondrously hidden and lovingly planted by the hands of the master gardener.



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I'm a single Christian in my early forties. I've spent most of my adult life taking care of and raising my nephew and caring for the elderly and ailing in my family. The most remarkable thing about me is my relationship with God and the testimony that goes along with that relationship.

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